Time to get into shape and gain that competitive edge!

Strength / Fitness / Speed / Agility

Strength and Fitness classes to be offered to aspiring athletes of all sports, as well as those looking to simply get into shape (Ages 8 -15). Classes are designed for both male and female, and to challenge each participant individually so that ages within each class are irrelevant. These classes are for those whose purpose is to build a competitive edge, improve overall strength, speed, agility, power, and endurance, that promotes overall health and fitness.

Class Description: All classes beginning in the Fall will be based off the initial phase of an 8 week program that will not only teach correct form and safety, but will also focus on engaging all muscle groups through a combination of weighted and body weight exercises. As weeks and months go on, more classes will be added that differentiate for those who have been participating from those who may just be beginning. Workouts will be time – interval based with planned increments to challenge each individual.

*Classes now available for registration/sign-up!

*Schedule for January/February/March (2020):

Mondays – 5:30pm, 6:15pm, and 7:00pm and Thursdays- 7:00pm and 7:45pm- Group Class (Maximum of 10 participants per class) – Remember: Participants are working to improve themselves and their own fitness, not competing with others!

Speed/Agility Only – Thursdays at 5:30pm

* Packages can be used for Strength/Fitness and Speed/Agility sessions


Equipment: Dumbbells, weighted bars, weighted resistance bands, medicine balls, agility ladders, and cones

**Class sessions and packages can be purchased online by going to your member login. Once you have reached your member page, click on “Buy”. Listed on the page will be all class packages we offer (single session, 8 sessions, and 16 sessions). Single sessions and packages can also be purchased within the facility during working hours.

Class Packages (Group Class)

1 Class = $15

8 Classes = $100

16 Classes = $160

We have decided to construct our class sessions so that those who cannot commit to 1 or 2 days a week for  certain length of time, have the opportunity to purchase their sessions and use them at their convenience. Ideally, for best results, we strongly suggest a participant attend at least 1 class a week, 2 if possible. However, we do understand the busy lives of families, and hope that we can accommodate those who want to be stronger, healthier, and more fit!