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Strive365 is a new indoor sports complex, bringing year-round training, competition, and tournaments to athletes of all ages across the Wabash Valley. A first of its kind in our community, Strive365’s core focus is on giving athletes a competitive edge by offering training sessions, youth and adult leagues, and holding tournaments that bring in teams on a regional basis.

Facility Rentals

Think big. Over 25,000 square feet big. Strive365 is an indoor sports complex that gives athletes all the space they could need to play, train and compete. Strive365’s focus on attracting athletes around the Wabash Valley to allow them to practice year round.  And with this much room, you can bring your entire team.

150’ X 150’ Main Field

150’ X 150’ turfed playing field, with 34’ clearance for maximum freedom.

Multiple Field Rental Options

Teams/Organizations/Individuals have several options to choose from when needing turfed space for practices, games, and/or leisure fun!

7x Batting Cages

Seven (7) retractable batting cages. With a maximum space of 12′ wide by 70′ long gives athletes plenty of room to swing away.